SEVAmor Cloud Migration Methodology


SEVAmor has redesigned our implementation approach specifically for Cloud migrations.  This is to accommodate the 2 key aspects which are unique to software-as-a-service solutions (SaaS) – namely, the restrictions to customising the solution and the quarterly upgrade cadence.


A successful cloud migration is not just about making the transition on Day 1, it is also about having a complete solution that can be easily maintained throughout the regular upgrade cycles.  Therefore, the solution design must focus on the adoption of standard business processes and have a To-Be support model that is equipped to cope with constant change.

To ensure we achieve success with every assignment, we follow the SEVAmor Cloud Migration Methodology (SCMM) which includes the following highlights:

➢ A focus on “adopt not adapt” i.e. adopting the out-of-the-box best practice processes to simplify the transition to the Cloud and the ongoing quarterly upgrade cadence.

➢ A two pronged approach for system configuration: based on Standardised Business Processes and Key Design Decisions.

➢ A core Change Management & Communications component to embed the business process changes that invariably are associated with Cloud migrations.

➢ A data migration toolset to Extract-Cleanse-Transform-Load-Reconcile the legacy data to the new cloud platform.

➢ A project management and governance approach to ensure that project milestones are achieved on time and budget.

➢ A complete set of deliverables to allow the solution to be maintained and evolved over time; including Strategy documents for Design, Change, Migration, BI, Integration, Testing, Training, Cutover and Support; Solution Design documents and Configuration Workbooks, Functional Designs for integrations and migrations, Testing Suite, Cutover and Comms plans, etc